Capoeira Masterclass

As a human being, enjoying and perfecting any kind of art form we will all come to a boundary point where the journey either goes from content to some degree of self development, or a stagnation in our process of further learning and experience.

During the Masterclass I invite you all to take this next courageous and exciting step in to the magic world of Capoeira and your self, exploring the beautiful and powerful possibilities just waiting to be discovered.

Come prepared with a point to be clarified or work on.

It can be personal, technical, historical, ethical, philosophical or musically.

You each decide the level of learning and together we will find the answers.

As a soon-to-be blue belt or before receiving any belt above blue, all students of Capoeiraskolen Senzala must attend a Masterclass in Denmark, and for the Danish students, participate in a Batizado event in Serbia, unless very particular circumstances is present.



17.00-21.00 Masterclass

Saturday and Sunday

10.00-13.00 Masterclass

13.00-14.00 Lunch break (food included for Serbian students)

14.00-17.00 Masterclass

18.00-20.00 Saturday dinner, mandatory attendance, and included for all


500 DKK – Danish students
40 EUR – Serbian students

Payment cash on arrival January 27. Accommodation for my Serbian students is at Capoeiraskolen Senzala, remember sleeping bag.

Sign up by email to before January 15. Requires grey belt or higher to participate.

Please respect the deadline and thereby the work organizing the Masterclass.

With love and axé
Mestre Steen

  • mar


    13. marts 2024

  • mar

    Påskeferie 24/3-1/4

    24. marts 2024

  • maj

    Samba de Roda workshop

    09. maj 2024

  • maj

    Kr. Himmelfart

    09. maj 2024

  • maj

    27. Skandinaviske Capoeiratræf

    10. maj 2024

  • maj

    Hviledag efter Batizado

    13. maj 2024

  • maj

    Batizado i Novi Sad, Serbien

    17. maj 2024

  • maj

    2. Pinsedag

    20. maj 2024

  • jun


    05. juni 2024

  • jul

    Sommerferie 1/7-10/8

    01. juli 2024

  • jul

    Sommercamp 7-14 år

    01. juli 2024