Mestra Tida

Workshop with Mestra Tida

Capoeiraskolen Senzala has the great pleasure to invite everyone to a workshop with Senzalas first, and currently only, female master.

Mestra Tida, who lives in Uba Minas Gerais, is a very complete and powerful capoeirista with huge teaching experience, who moves with poise and confidence through any roda. There will be classes for children and adults at all levels.

Friday December 6
Children, 7-10, 15:45-17:00
Adults, all levels, 17:00-20:00

Saturday December 7 and Sunday December 8
Children, 7-10, 10:00-11:00
Teens and adults, beginners and advanced, 11:00-13:00

Pause 13:00-14:00

Children, 7-10, 14:00-15:00
Teens and adults, beginners and advanced, 15:00-17:00

Saturday roda for children, teens and adults, 17:00-18:00

The workshop will take place at

Capoeiraskolen Senzala
Grundtvigsvej 11
2000 Frederiksberg

Price 350 kr. for children – 450 kr. for teens and adults; which should be paid upon arrival at the workshop.

Classes today

16:00Children (7-10 yrs)
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg
16:15Children (4-6 yrs)
Mestre Camarão · Vestegnen
16:30Children (7-10 yrs)
Mestre Espiga · Nørrebro
17:00Children (4-6 yrs)
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg
17:00Children (7-10 yrs)
Mestre Camarão · Vestegnen
17:30Teenagers (11+ yrs))
Mestre Espiga · Nørrebro
17:30Teenagers (11+ yrs)
Mestre Camarão · Vestegnen
Mestre Camarão · Vestegnen

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