March, 2013

Despite the snow still freezing our ears, Spring is just around the corner and Easter will hopefully set things in motion.

We are doing so with a new web site, a huge effort that has been realized with the fantastic help of  many people.  Thanks to our web master Thomas Hess, who has spent endless hours coding the site, organizing the work and putting up content.

Thanks to Rasmus Sørensen for the excellent design of the site.  Thanks to Anne Rasmussen, who wrote all the text.  Thanks to Harry Bingham for translating all the text to English, and thanks to the photographers who took all the lovely pictures, in particular Jes Buusmaan and Gitte Møller.

I hope that the new web site will be a success, and that it will be online starting Monday March 25.

I am starting a new class at the Rudolph Steiner School in Herlev for 6-10 year olds who will train on Thursdays.  It is made op of some old students but especially a flock of new ones.  A big welcome to all of you.

Over Easter there will be no training for children from Saturday March 23 to, and including, Monday April 1.  If that is too long of a break, people are welcome to train with Professor Raio, who teaches at Kildeskovshallen Satruday March 23; or during the week following Easter to visit some of the other classes.

Adult and Teen training will be combined on Monday and Wednesday March 25 & 27, from 19:00-20:30 both days.

From June 1, children who turn 7 over the Summer Holiday will move up to the 7-10 year old class, which trains Wednesday and Friday 15:45-16:45.  The price for this class is 300 kr. per month, which should be payed after the Summer Break.


Fees for April, May and June should be payed during class in the week following Easter, April 2-8.

Adult/Children kr. 1.350 (kr. 450/month)
4-6 year olds kr. 750 (kr. 250/month)
7-10 year olds kr. 900 (kr. 300/month)
Adults kr. 1.050 (kr. 350/month)
Adult plus kr. 900 (kr. 300/month)

Please pay on time so that a month and a half does not pass before the last people have paid, as was the case last time.  I hope that everyone feels well served here at Capoeiraskolen Senzala, show it by respecting the payment deadlines.

CapoFit – a new offering at the Capoeiraskolen Senzalal

Crossfit  is a big success these days, and provides a very effective all around basic training.  We now offer a class in CapoFit for those who would like to boost there basic fitness, specially designed for the muscle groups used in Capoeira, and the way they are used. CapoFit is however, also excellent as a basic training or as a supplement to running or other sporting activities.

Professor Palito, long-time student and teacher at the Capoeiraskolen Senzala will lead the training.  He is a certified Athletics Teacher, has just won his first MMA tournement fight, and is well known for his sublime physique.

The class starts on April 2 at the Capoeiraskolen Senzala’s facilities at Frøbelseminariet, with training on Tuesday and Thursday 18:00-19:00.

The price for students of Capoeiraskolen Senzala is 100 kr./month.  If you want to only train CapoFit, the price is 300 kr./month, or 50 kr. per training (drop-in price).

With best Spring wishes, Mestre Steen

Classes today

16:00Children (7-10 yrs)
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg
17:00Teenagers (11-14 yrs)
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg

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