Capoeira for children

Children’s instruction focuses on the most important elements of capoeira:  music, movement, and fighting. This allows the children to develop an understanding of rhythm, creativity and working together.

The training starts with a warm-up, followed by instruction on specific capoeira movements through educational games.  Strong emphasis is placed on acrobatics and rhythm, which challenges and developes the child’s coordination.  The kids have fun, but in an environment where they need to listen and pay close attention due to the ever present elements of martial conflict.

The training finishes with a roda, where the parents are invited in to participate by singing and clapping while the children perform capoeira in the ring.

Capoeira classes for children are offered in:   Frederiksberg, Østerbro (Øster Farimagsgade), Østerbro (Svanemøllehallen), Nørrebro, København, Hellerup and Gentofte.

Classes today

Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg
10:15Children (4-6 yrs)
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg
13:00Children (4-7 yrs)
Contra-mestre Raio · Gentofte
14:00Children (8-12 yrs)
Contra-mestre Raio · Gentofte
Contra-mestre Raio · Gentofte

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