Capoeira for adults

Capoeira does not just improve your physical condition. The acrobatic movements, music, and fighting elements, challenge the coordination and strengthen concentration; developing both intellect and creativity. It all happens in a playful and comfortable environment, with lots of space to exercise the laughter muscles.  There is room here for all levels and ages.

A typical training begins with a warm-up, generally consisting of several capoeira movements but which can also be inspired by other sports and can for example contain elements from calisthenics and running. Training continues with different capoeira techniques including acrobatics, which are performed both alone and with a partner.

The session finishes with a roda, where the new techniques are tested in real life.

Community, working together and a team spirit provide the focus for training, where older students help the younger ones and where all contribute to create a positive energy around the roda.

Classes today

16:00Children (7-10 yrs)
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg
17:00Teenagers (11-14 yrs)
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg

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