Capoeiraskolen Senzala offers capoeira classes for adults and children including: an adult/child class for 2-4 years (with an adult); a class for 4-12 year olds; plus teen, adult and adult+ classes. There is something for everyone, regardless of age or level.

All of the school’s teachers have many years of experience and have training from the school as well as from certified programs in athletics or education.

Parents/children Children Teenagers Adults Adults plus
Frederiksberg Frederiksberg Frederiksberg Frederiksberg Frederiksberg
Østerbro (ØF) Copenhagen Østerbro
Østerbro (SH) Copenhagen
Nørrebro Gentofte


Below you can find the prices for classes on by level and age. Prices are divided into the various groups having 1, 2 or 3 classes per week.

Class 1x 2x 3x
Parents/children 475 kr.
Children 275 kr. 325 kr.
Teenagers 275 kr. 375 kr. 375 kr.
Adults 325 kr. 375 kr. 375 kr.
Adults plus 325 kr.

Practical information

New students are invited to attend one training free of charge, but please contact the teacher before showing up, as some classes may be fully booked.

All participants are expected to wear the school’s uniform – a pair of white capoeira trousers and a white t-shirt, plus a belt which children and adults can have replaced once a year at the school graduation ceremony (Batizado and Troca de Corda) depending on the level of attendance over the course of the year.

Ordinary sports clothing may be worn to the introductory training session. The school uniform can be purchased at Frøbelsseminariet or be ordered from the individual teachers.

Training fees are payed in cash during class once every three months.  Upon joining the school, a registration fee of 50 kr. plus fees for the first three months of training are due.

Workshops and graduation

The school organizes a yearly “Skandinavian Capoeira Meeting” which offers intense training with various capoeira masters who fly in from all over Europe and from Brazil. The meeting also serves as a Batizado and Troca de Corda for both children and adults.

The Batizado is a ritual where all new students get their capoeira-baptism by experiencing their first challenge from a highly ranked capoeira practitioner.  Troca de Corda is the yearly graduation ceremony where students get the chance to earn a new belt.

The school also organizes a number of interesting weekend workshops each year, with teaching by masters from all around the world.

Classes today

16:00Children (7-10 yrs)
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg
17:00Teenagers (11-14 yrs)
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg

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