Grupo Senzala

The Senzala Group was established in the 1960′s by a group of young Capoeira enthusiasts from Rio de Janeiro, in particular, a man named Marcelo Azevedo Guimarães – who is known today as Mestre Peixinho. Many of the group’s founders were studying sports at University which gave them a more theoretical approach to the movements and training than other Capoeira artists of the time.

They began to thoroughly systemize the training and expanded the techniques in close collaboration with existing masters.  They benefited from the teachings of Mestre Bimba and Mestre Pastinha from the city of Savador in Bahia state, as well as from Masters in Rio de Janeiro, including the legendary Mestre Leopoldina.

In 1967, the group participated in the Capoeira turnement “Berimbau de Ouro”,  which to their surprise they won – a success which they repeated three years in a row.  This generated much attention for the group members and was a critical catalyst to the continued development of their work.

The Senzala group grew quickly and in 1974, the masters began to branch off and teach in different areas, establishing different schools and local communities.  Their academies blossomed, first in Rio de Janiero, and later in other cities and states of Brazil.

Today, the Senzala Group is an enormous community with thousands of students, teachers and masters spread out over the entire world.  Many of the founding members of the group are still actively training and teaching, including:  Mestre Gato, Mestre Garrincha, Mestre Sorriso, Mestre Itamar and Mestre Gil Velho.

The Senzala Group is renown for its emphasis on quality and focus on technique, and the group is dedicated to helping Capoeira continue to grow; ensuring that the associated traditions and arts will always be preserved.  The group’s style is popular and it represents one of the pillars of the worldwide Capoeira community.

Foto: Maria Beatriz Albuquerque (Pimpa)

Classes today

16:00Children (7-10 yrs)
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg
17:00Teenagers (11-14 yrs)
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg
Mestre Steen · Frederiksberg

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